Allison Alver is a character on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. She is portrayed by Iyari Limon.


Allison is heard, but not seen in 2014 when Luisa discovers Allison is having an affair with her assistant and the audience hears her voice via Luisa's voice mail, where she apologizes for cheating on her wife. Allison and Luisa divorce following her infidelity, although, unbeknownst to Allison, Luisa actually cheated on her back in 2009/2010 with Rose.


  • Allison is first and only seen in Chapter Seventy-Seven in a Luisa POV of Jane's artificial insemination story. 
  • In the Chapter Fourteen flashback to where Luisa first met Rose:
    • Luisa mentions "I mean, I have a girlfriend anyway. Her name's Allison."
    • Luisa cheated on Allison with Rose, before Luisa and Allison even married.
    • Luisa says to Michael in her confessional "it all started about 5 years ago." Chapter Fourteen aired February 2015. Thus Luisa and Allison were dating around 2009/2010.
    • It is uncertain when Luisa and Allison married but if the flashback in Chapter Fourteen takes place in 2010, Luisa and Allison married in 2010 at the earliest.
    • This makes their marriage 4 years at the most, possibly less.