Andie is a guest character in Season 1 of Jane the Virgin. She is portrayed by Rachel DiPillo.


Andie is introduced as another aspiring writer in Jane's workshop. She appears sweet and is later revealed to be longing for her ex-boyfriend, in a romantic sort of way, wistfully walking about Calle Ocho where they first met. She and Jane briefly make friends and start hanging out.


Andie and Michael dated around 2011/2012 and when she bumps into him again at Calle Ocho in 2015, they have not seen each other for 3 years. Andie joins the romance writers' group at The Marbella that Jane is in, hoping to suss out whether Michael is truly done with Jane. She accidentally runs into Jane and Xiomara at Calle Ocho and mentions that every year she comes to the place where she first met her ex-boyfriend, wallowing and hoping to see him again.

She happens upon Michael, shortly after seeing Jane & Xiomara, and they talk. Andie asks him on a date and he agrees. Andie discusses her ex-boyfriend with Jane who provides advice, unknowing that Andie is actually Michael's ex-girlfriend. Jane once mentions that she and Rafael aren't doing so well, that they don't seem to want the same things, and they don't know each other, as well as she and Michael, did, to which Andie immediately responds that Jane should try to work things out with Rafael.


Michael dumps Andie via text

In the end, Andie confesses to Michael that she joined the writer's group to meet Jane and find out about Michael's relationship with her and Michael confronts Jane about why she did not tell him about this. Michael decides to break up with Andie, only after finding out that Jane and Rafael are over.


She is optimistic about 'meant to be'.


Behind the scenes

  • Both DiPillo and Dier appeared on creator Jennie Urman's first show Emily Owens, M.D.. They appeared in the same episode, although they did not have scenes together.