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It's alright. I know Mateo's just playing
Anna when Mateo pulls her hair[1]
Anna & Ellie Solano
Jane the Virgin

Anna & Elsa


7 March 2016




Czech - Italian


Miami, Florida


Pre-K students




Petra Solano
Rafael Solano
Mateo Solano Villanueva
(paternal ​half-brother)​

First Appearance

Chapter Thirty-Six

Anna & Elsa Ellie are supporting characters on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin.


Anna and Ellie are the twin daughters born to Petra on March 7, 2016.


After Petra discovers Rafael's last sperm sample in the Season 1 finale, she inseminates herself in the Season 2 premiere with a turkey baster without Rafael's knowledge or permission, and Rafael was angered by this. However, he soon warmed to the idea, and was around a lot during Petra's pregnancy. He was there on the day of the ultrasound when it was discovered that Petra was having twin girls, much to Petra's shock.

Rafael and Petra become closer during Petra's pregnancy, and the pair even share a kiss, but Petra doesn't move forward due to Rafael's feelings for Jane. Petra also tells Rafael that he said he would be involved in the pregnancy, and Petra won't allow herself or their daughters to be "second-class citizens".

Petra gives birth to Elsa and Anna in Chapter Thirty-Six (after a long laboor with no medication, as she has a blood deficiency) with Jane as her birthing partner. Jane holds Elsa after the birth, and Petra tells her that she and Rafael have decided to name them Elsa and Anna respectively. Jane, naturally, sees the humor in this and explains as much to Petra. The new mother shrugs it off, informing Jane that she will be the only one to think in those terms. Rafael, who was stuck in traffic with Jane's boyfriend (now fiance) Michael Cordero, soon joins the scene and apologizes to Petra for missing the birth. He then takes the twin that Jane is holding and Jane leaves them to bond.


  • The girls were inadvertently named after the sisters from Frozen.[2]
  • It is possible that the twins may not be Rafael's.[3]
  • Jennie Urman in May 2015: "She's a young woman; she doesn't need [Rafael] to get her pregnant."[4]

Notes and references

  1. Chapter Fifty-Five
  2. Chapter Thirty-Six

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