Brad Silberling is an American television and film director.

Early Life

Silberling was born in Washington, D.C. He studied film directing at the UCLA Film School.


Silberling began his entertainment industry career before completing his studies. In 1986 he became a production assistant for a children's program. He then began to direct television and film. Silberling's 2002 film, Moonlight Mile, is loosely based on the fact that he dated Rebecca Schaeffer, an actress murdered in Los Angeles in 1989. In 2006, Silberling's movie 10 Items or Less was the first movie made legally available for download during its theatrical run. This became possible through ClickStar and Brad's close relationship with its owners Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary.Silberling was approached by Warner Bros. as one of the candidates to direct Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in 1998. Although he began to enthusiastically plan the film in his mind and was ready to sign on to direct it, Chris Columbus was ultimately chosen as the director.


Selected television directing credits

Film directing credits

Private life

He is married to the actress Amy Brenneman, whom he met on the set of NYPD Blue and with whom he has two children, Charlotte Tucker (born March 2001) and Bodhi Russell (born June 2005).

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