Jane the Virgin recurring characters

Michael Cordero Jr.

Michael is Jane's 29-year-old husband who was a detective. He is aware of Petra's affair and blackmails her to ensure that her marriage remains intact so that Jane will give the baby to them, however later he decides to support Jane's decision to keep the baby. He also dislikes Rafael due to Jane's, and eventually Rafael's, attraction to one another. He is the head detective in the hunt for Sin Rostro, a high-profile drug dealer who seems to be based in the Marbella Hotel, however, he later quits to become a lawyer. Jane and Michael get married in the season two finale. He dies in season three by an aortic dissection caused by a gunshot.

Luisa Alver

Dr. Luisa Alver is a former doctor and recovering alcoholic, who is the adoptive sister of Rafael and in a relationship with notorious criminal Sin Rostro. She is also the doctor who accidentally artificially inseminated Jane.

Sin Rostro (aka Rose, Clara Ruvelle)

Rose is a former lawyer, girlfriend of Luisa, and eventually stepmother of Luisa and Rafael who defends Luisa against the malpractice suit. She is later revealed to be the crime lord Sin Rostro and is arrested in season three. Luisa works to try to break her out of jail throughout season 4.

Anežka Archuletta

Anezka Petra's long-lost twin sister who grew up with a rough life in the Czech Republic. At the end of the second season, she drugs Petra and begins a scheme with Magda to impersonate Petra so they can gain controlling shares in the Marbella. In season 4, she fakes her own death to find out who really loves her and thinks that Petra does when she sees Petra crying (because the twins sprayed peppers pray in her eye). She later finds out the truth and ends up in a dispute with Petra with Anezka falling off a balcony.

Adam Alvaro

Adam is Jane's first love and later boyfriend, who is bisexual. In season 4, Jane is devasted when they break up due to the fact he is moving to California for a new job offer of his dreams.

Darci Factor

Darci is Rogelio's ex-girlfriend and the mother of her and Rogelio's daughter “Baby Michaelina de la Vega Factor”. She runs a matchmaking business.

Anna and Ellie Solano

Anna and Elsa Solano are Petra and Rafael's twin daughters as a result of Petra's artificial insemination.

Fabian Regalo del Cielo

Fabian is Rogelio's costar on telenovela Los Viajes de Guillermo who has a brief fling with Jane.