What if I don’t like it? Being a mom… All of it? What if I can’t handle it?
Chapter Seventeen
Air date 6 APRIL 2015
Written by Jessica O'Toole
Amy Rardin
Directed by Uta Briesewitz
Narrator Anthony Mendez
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Seventeen is the 17th episode of CW dramedy Jane the Virgin.


REALIZATION — When a crisis with the hotel overwhelms Rafael (Justin Baldoni), Jane (Gina Rodriguez) becomes concerned that he might not be as hands-on in fatherhood as she expected. Alba (Ivonne Coll) is having a difficult time with Xo's (Andrea Navedo) living situation which causes a strain between them. Michael (Brett Dier) helps Rogelio (Jaime Camil) with his relationship with Xo, and in return Rogelio helps Michael come to a realization about Jane. Meanwhile, Petra (Yael Grobglas) discovers a big secret that leaves her unsettled.


Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva
Andrea Navedo as Xiomara Villanueva
Yael Grobglas as Petra
Justin Baldoni as Rafael Solano
Ivonne Coll as Alba Villanueva
Brett Dier as Michael Cordero
and Jaime Camil as Rogelio De La Vega

Recurring cast

Diane Guerrero as Lina Santillan
Alano Miller as Aaron Zazo

Guest starring

Rachel DiPillo as Andie


Catherine Toribio as Teen Xiomara
Kristen O'Meara as Leah
Brittani Ebert as Polly


I think she’s going to wake up and realize he’s wrong for her
—Michael to Rogelio


  • Jane's overwhelmed by the preparation for having a baby and feels like she has to do it alone, while Rafael puts all his focus on the hotel
  • Petra expresses that she's interested in Aaron, and he returns her feelings
  • Petra tells Aaron she's over Rafael, but later admits that she's not
  • Aaron and Petra kiss, but Petra stops it saying she shouldn't have
  • Andie and Jane hang out
  • Jane asks if she can babysit Andie's niece, Luna, with her, to get experience
  • Rogelio and Michael get mani-pedis.
  • Xo tries to get Rogelio to say 'I love you'. Rogelio is hesitant with the words.
    • Alba tries to tell 16-year-old Xo how to take care of Jane
  • Xo does the same when Jane babysits
  • Michael and Rogelio become good friends, which irks Rafael


  • Petra figures out that Aaron is actually Roman!
  • Rogelio has only said 'I love you' to his mother and two ex-wives


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