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I'm an adult, it's 2015 and I'm not ready to admit that I wanna be with a woman
Rose to Luisa
Chapter Ten
Chapter 10
Air date January 19th, 2015
Written by Meredith Averill & Christopher Oscar Peña
Directed by Elodie Keene
Chapter Nine
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Ten is the 10th episode of CW dramedy Jane the Virgin.


WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS — As a hurricane rips through Miami, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is forced to stay at the Marbella, but the storm soon becomes the least of her concerns. When Rogelio (Jaime Camil) hears about Alba’s (Ivonne Coll) condition, he rushes to Xo’s (Andrea Navedo) side at the hospital to comfort her. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is reinstated as boss, but he is soon faced with a difficult decision regarding layoffs at the hotel. Meanwhile, Michael (Brett Dier) helps Alba, but does his best to keep it a secret.


She’s back! After a month-long hiatus, our favorite preggo virgin has returned. With a Golden Globe for lead Gina Rodriguez and a People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy, it appears that the rest of the country has discovered what Jane fans have known all along: The Miami-set telenovela adaptation offers quality, high-stakes storytelling, with a smart, sweetly emotional and tongue-in-cheek tone and incredibly talented cast to boot. That being said, December’s fast-paced midseason finale—Magda tried to kill Alba by pushing her down the stairs! Michael discovered Sin Rostro’s lair!—laid the groundwork for overlapping storylines that focused on evolving identities, loyalties, and emotions.

"Chapter 10" kicked off with a scene meant to reassure worried fans about Alba’s condition after being pushed down the stairs by Magda—kind of. Though she’s alive, she’s in the hospital and unconscious. Sad face. As a hurricane threatens to hit Miami, it’s clear that Jane and Xo are dealing with a whirlwind of conflicting emotions: relief that Alba is alive, worry over her undiagnosed condition, and stress about the oncoming storm. But there’s one thing that can act as a comfort during times of distress, and that’s prayer. Though there’s a lot that Alba has taught her granddaughter, chief among them is the belief that through prayer, one can find strength and yes, even sometimes a solution. Time to start a prayer circle! Except there’s a problem: Alba’s rosary is missing. Although Xo insists miracles don’t happen with some “beads from a church flea market,” Jane is determined to find the rosary, which she reasons, is probably back at the hotel. So off she goes...

Back at the hotel, another storm of sorts is a-brewin’. Rafael’s dad needs to fly out on some unspecified business, but is reluctant to leave his son in charge. Though Rafael’s never impressed me as the brightest crayon in the box, he sees an opportunity to step up and impress daddy dearest. And it works: His dad agrees to let Rafael temporarily take over. There’s just one condition: Rafael will have to lay off 15 percent of the work force at the hotel.

“Not at all,” he says coolly when his dad asks him if it will be a problem. Remember, though Rafael may not admit it, he craves power (um, remember he married someone out of spite just to mess with his dad’s chosen protégé?). Rafael goes to his office to get started on the messy job of figuring out who’ll be let go, only to find Petra—er, Natalya—who asks for her settlement as per the terms of their pre-nup. Except, as Rafael points out, she didn’t sign it with her real name, so it’s not legally binding. And it’s not like he’s about to give her cash out of the goodness of his heart: The last six months, Petra’s particular brand of crazy has included sleeping with his best friend, conspiring to get him fired, setting him up with an escort, trying to get sole custody of the baby, and falsely accusing him of domestic abuse. Quite the laundry list, right?

But Petra’s hardly alone as the series’ sole scheming wife. Enter Rose, who is seen eavesdropping on her husband’s phone conversation. “I’ll need $5 million for Alegria,” he says. Rose is burning up with curiosity, but she merely asks her hubby if he’s okay, and in response he mumbles some lie about his driver. He heads off to Prague, and Rose is left with lots of suspicions. As are we.

Meanwhile, Jane’s coworker Regina has found Alba’s rosary and returns it to Jane. Our heroine is about to head back to the hospital when suddenly ish hits the floor (and by ish, I mean chandeliers). Tropical storm Florentina is now a category 2 hurricane and is wreaking serious havoc on the hotel property. Rafael tries to protect Jane and does what he does best: puff out his chest and try to act important. He “forbids” Jane to leave the premises. Jane’s all like “okay dear” but doesn’t take him up on his offer to stay in his penthouse during the storm. She’d rather stay with the third class steerage passengers, er, hotel employees. Though that may not have been the best decision, since Jane’s friends have gotten wind of the fact that layoffs are on the horizon and are begging her to intervene on their behalf with Rafael.

But imminent layoffs aren’t the only source of drama at the hotel. This is a telenovela—did you really think it’d be that simple? H to the no, my friends: Michael and his partner Nadine are busy investigating the lair that they unwittingly discovered during their make-out session during the last episode. They follow the tunnels in the underground hideaway, which leads them to a surgical room attached to the hotel’s medical recovery suite. Though there were five patients in the suite, they’ve all been relocated to a nearby hospital. Could one of them provide a link to Sin Rostro, or better, yet, be the villainous kingpin himself? For Michael, it’s proof that Rafael is somehow connected to—or even behind—Sin Rostro. And there’s something else: Though Michael may have lost Jane to Rafael, he doesn’t have to lose the Sin Rostro case to him, too. You can tell that very thought is fueling his frustration with Raf when he confronts him in the hotel lobby and tersely asks him whether he knows anything about the secret tunnels. These two are going at it when Jane walks over and interrupts them. Now that Jane’s on hand to witness his proclamation of innocence, Rafael goes on record.

“I’ve already told you everything I know, which is nothing.” And in an ultimate show pony move, Rafael leads Jane away by the hand. Back at the hospital, there’s no status report for grandma: Things are still looking uncertain. But guess who shows up? Rogelio. You may remember that in “Chapter 9,” Xo vowed that she would no longer use Jane as an excuse to keep herself from becoming emotionally invested in serious romantic relationships. But Xo isn’t necessarily thinking about that when she sees Rogelio, especially since a doctor has arrived to deliver some devastating news—the hospital has learned Alba is an undocumented immigrant and once the storm lifts, they’ll have to report her to ICE, and she’ll be deported. While Xo is in disbelief over the news (and admittedly, I am too), the on-screen graphics poignantly remind us that this drama isn’t solely the stuff of television storytelling: #thisreallyhappens.

Jane is unaware of the news, but she’s in the midst of an emotional battle of her own as her friends are pressing her to find out who among them will be laid off. So Jane—loyal to a fault—goes to see Rafael and confirms that the layoffs are indeed a-comin'. She wants to see the list of employees to be fired and though Rafael doesn’t think it’s a good idea, she looks anyway and sees her friend Frankie’s name. She goes to deliver the news to Frankie, but home girl guilt-trips her about it and pleads her to do something—anything, really—to prevent her from being fired. Thanks to the narrator, we learn that Jane’s disheartened by her friend’s response and heads into the elevator in order to drop by Rafael’s office when guess who should follow her in? Michael!

“ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?” Jane asks. He admits he is. But before he can really dive in about his Sin Rostro/Raf worries, what should happen but a classic trope straight out of the telenovela handbook: The elevator stops working. The lights go out and errything—this is serious!

The atmosphere is thick with tension—the totally unsexy, completely awkward kind, mind you—until Jane decides to tell Michael what’s really bothering her: Alba is in the hospital. Michael looks genuinely grief stricken and volunteers to get a cop on the hospital radio so that Jane can check in on her grandma’s health status. She speaks to Xo, who delivers the bad news. And perhaps surprisingly, Jane confides in Michael and tells him the truth: Abuelita may be deported. Emotions are running high—Jane’s about to break down with guilt being apart from her grandmother so much recently—when Michael gives her a tender hug. It should be a sweet moment, but that’s precisely when the elevator doors open, with Rafael on the other side of course. To anyone, and especially Rafael, Jane and Michael’s emotional bond is completely obvious. It’s deep, sincere, and sweet—and completely beyond anything that Jane and Rafael have yet to build together.

It’s worth noting that although Rogelio has offered to put in a call to his famous friends to see if they can stage a high-profile intervention on Alba’s behalf, there’s no easy solution to the dire situation that’s at hand. Enter prayer. (Again.) Xo prays that everything will to be okay and as she’s in the midst of her prayers, Alba opens her eyes. Could it be divine intervention? That’s the power of faith: It allows you to hope when there may be none.

It turns out Alba doesn’t remember the accident at all, but there’s no sign of long-term cognitive damage. And get this... the matter of her possible deportation is no longer on the table. “You must have friends in high places,” the doctor remarks to Xo. The are-they-or-aren’t-they Rogelio and Xiomara storyline nearly has a happy ending of sorts here when Xo wants to kiss Rogelio from sheer joy and then remembers her promise to God about keeping her legs closed. But despite Rogelio’s call to the likes of Gloria Estefan, he didn’t have anything to do with the matter (and says so). It was Michael, who called the police department on Alba’s behalf, claiming she was an important witness in the Sin Rostro case.

But Jane doesn’t know that any of this has occurred. She’s still struggling to make sense of the hotel layoffs and her place in it all. Though she did try to intervene, Frankie will still be fired. Frankie and the rest of Jane’s friends don’t believe her when she says she couldn’t do anything—and deep inside, Jane doubts it, too. It’s a terrible situation, made worse by the fact that Rafael tells her that he’d never fire her. And not because she’s such a stellar employee—it’s because she’s his baby mamma. This special treatment might be sweet, but it’s actually all wrong. Jane’s always been painfully aware of class privileges that Rafael’s wealth has afforded him; until now though, she didn’t realize that others did, too. Never mind though, they’re over it and kiss. But no sooner than they’ve gone over this mini-crisis than Jane decides to confront Rafael about the passports and burner phone that Michael had found in the safe. She learns what you and I both know: Rafael wasn’t telling her the truth. His response? “I heard Michael was snooping around, so I moved it. The guy has it in for me.”

That’s true enough, but as I see it, Rafael isn’t doing much to redeem himself. He’s lying and isn’t that what Jane ultimately found so disheartening about Michael? But no matter—with one bat of his long eyelashes, Jane’s won over and she promises to never let Michael come between them again. NEVER.

Now on to Petra. “Chapter 9” was heavy on Petra’s past and this episode concerned itself with Petra’s future. She seems to have come to terms that she doesn’t have many options—especially since Rafael refuses to honor their pre-nup—and so she makes her mind up to sell her jewelry in order to finance a small one-bedroom apartment for herself and Magda. Except one problem: Momma Magda isn’t about that #brokebroke life and as she points out, they’ll need a two bedroom to accommodate Ivan, who’s still their captive. That is, until he’s not. While Petra is out, he manages to get his hands on a shard of glass with which he cuts himself out of his ropes and ties Magda up. You can see the pain and desperation on Petra’s face when she discovers the situation. That is, before she meets her mother’s eyes: They’ve gotten out of worse situations than this. And before you could say “holy grilled cheesus!” Petra is brandishing a gun and Magda is unharmed, though Ivan’s run away (presumably to tattle to Milos).

The show’s heightened sense of drama was raised a notch with Rose, who re-emerged this episode as a fiercely calculating character. Her fodder this episode was clear: She needed to find out what her husband was up to. Is he cheating on her? Planning to run away? Could he be in financial trouble? To find answers, Rose visits the mental hospital where Luisa is a patient. Though Rose shows up under the pretext of apologizing for committing Luisa, she’s there for an altogether sinister purpose: She seduces Luisa in order to get the answers she’s been seeking. And after the night is over—with her formerly sleek hair in wild, sexy curls—she delicately asks Luisa whether she’s ever heard of a woman named Alegria. Ka-ching! It turns out Alegria is Luisa’s maternal grandmother, who has passed away. She and Luisa’s dad were close; so much so “he even named his house in Croatia after her.” And though Rose leaves with what she came for—ahem—Luisa’s gotten something out of it, too. Namely a small pin so she can pick the locks to her door and get the hell outta dodge. And as for Rose, well, she’s off to drop some knowledge on Rafael.

With $5 million and plans to repatriate to Croatia—where there’s no U.S. extradition—Solano Senior may be Sin Rostro, or so his wife thinks. Rafael is appropriately perplexed... or is he?

The hour wraps up with Xo giving Michael a ring to thank him for intervening with the police and making sure Alba wouldn’t be deported. Though Michael’s had some success with the Sin Rostro case this episode—he didn’t find Rafael’s prints anywhere in the surgical room, but he now suspects that Sin Rostro is running a face change operation for criminals in his lair—but he’s made one life-changing discovery. He’s still head over heels for Jane and shares the revelation with Xo: “I’m not going to just give up on us. We belong together. And I’ll never stop believing that.”


Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva
Andrea Navedo as Xiomara Villanueva
Yael Grobglas as Petra Solano
Justin Baldoni as Rafael Solano
Ivonne Coll as Alba Villanueva
Brett Dier as Michael Cordero
Jaime Camil as Rogelio De La Vega
and Anthony Mendez as The Narrator

Recurring cast

Yara Martinez as Luisa Alver
Bridget Regan as Rose
Carlo Rota as Emilio Solano
Diane Guerrero as Lina
Azie Tesfai as Nadine Hanson
Priscilla Barnes as Magda
Jenna Ortega as Young Jane
Brian Dare as Luca
Christopher Corbin as Ivan

Guest starring

Camille Collard as Frankie
Greg Collins as Lieutenant Armstrong
Tammy Kaplan as Betty
Layla Alizada as Regina Johnson


Here's the thing about the pre-nup. Petra Andel signed it. You're not Petra Andel
Jane – What was that all about?
Rafael – That was your ex-fiancé trying to make me look bad
—Michael's vendetta
Please Jane, I need this job. I drink for free and it's close to my gym
Please don't let Michael get between us
—Rafael to Jane
We belong together. And I'll never stop believing that
—Michael to Xo
And for as long as Michael lived, until he drew his very last breath, he never did
—The Narrator


  • Jane and Lina fight over the layoffs.
  • Frankie, Lina and Luca are sort of all implying that Jane is in a different societal class now, creating a divide between Jane and her friends.
  • Jane originally got Frankie her job at The Marbella.
  • Emilio is acting suspiciously. He's going to Prague.
  • Emilio is planning to go away with Rose the following week
  • Rafael is a suspect in the Sin Rostro case.
  • Alba is in the hospital but will recover.
  • The Marbella is firing people.
  • Rose visits Luisa in the mental hospital.
  • Luisa and Rose sleep together again.
  • The hospital wants to deport Alba to Venezuela.
  • Xiomara and Jane speak only Spanish together for the first time, so the security wouldn't understand them.
  • Ivan escapes amidst the chaos of the hurricane.
  • Michael remembers a story that Jane told him.


  • Luisa's maternal grandmother was named Alegria
  • Emilio has a house in Croatia – named Alegria
  • I'll need 5 million for Alegria – the house?


  • Filming started on October 13, 2014



Chapter Ten/Gallery

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