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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend] is a television program also on The CW and formerly shared the same night slot with Jane the Virgin

Plot of TV series

Rebecca Bunch is a Jewish, Yale and Harvard educated lawyer, who works for a top New York firm. She freaks out when offered a partnership and bumps into Josh Chan on the street. Josh was her first love from summer camp in 2005 and she never got over the way he dumped her at the end of camp. Josh tells her he couldn't hack it in New York and is moving back to West Covina, California ("Just two hours from the beach, four hours in traffic"). While watching a butter spread commercial, Rebecca decides to follow Josh in search of happiness. She hops a plane to LA, gets a job at Darryl Whitefeather's West Covina law firm, buys a house, and flushes all her pills down the sink. She becomes friends with the firm's paralegal, Paula Proctor and begins an on-again-off-again relationship with Josh's friend Greg Serrano while trying to reconnect with Josh.


Main Cast

  • Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Nora Bunch, a lawyer originally from New York City. Suffering from depression and anxiety and prone to rash decisions, she uproots her life and relocates to the suburb of West Covina, California in an attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend Josh.
  • Vincent Rodriguez III as Joshua "Josh" Felix Chan, Rebecca's caring yet unavailable ex-boyfriend and the object of her affection.
  • Santino Fontana as Greg Serrano, an "angry" underachieving bartender and Josh's best friend, who has complicated feelings for Rebecca.
  • Donna Lynne Champlin as Paula Proctor, Rebecca's co-worker and new best friend. To distract herself from her own failing marriage, she hatches schemes and gives questionable advice in support of Rebecca's pursuit of Josh.
  • Pete Gardner as Darryl Whitefeather, Rebecca's often clueless boss. A middle-aged divorced dad, he discovers he is bisexual and begins dating White Josh.
  • Vella Lovell as Heather Davis, Rebecca's "cool" college student neighbor who gives sage advice and discovers she has feelings for Greg.
  • Gabrielle Ruiz as Valencia Maria Perez, Josh's controlling ex-girlfriend and Rebecca's rival for Josh's affections.

Recurring cast

  • Tovah Feldshuh as Naomi Bunch, Rebecca's divorced and overbearing Jewish mother.
  • Gina Gallego as Mrs. Hernandez, the mute communications director at Whitefeather.
  • Jacob Guenther as Chris, a young boy who frequents Greg's bar, offering precocious commentary.
  • David Hull as "White Josh" Wilson, Josh Chan's Caucasian friend, a surf-casual fitness instructor. He begins dating Darryl after the latter comes out as bisexual.
  • Erick Lopez as Hector, a randy and occasionally oblivious friend of Josh and Greg.
  • Rene Gube as Father Joseph, also known as Father Brah, a non-traditional younger priest who is Josh's childhood friend and confidante.
  • Cedric Yarbrough as Calvin Young, a potential client for Rebecca's law firm. He almost has an affair with Paula.
  • Steve Monroe as Scott Proctor, Paula's husband. They begin to address their marital problems when he is roped into Paula's scheming.
  • Michael Hyatt as Dr. Akopian, Rebecca's straight-laced therapist. Rebecca imagines a more vibrant version of her giving advice.
  • Michael McMillian and Burl Moseley as Tim and Jim, staffers at Whitefeather who are initially antagonistic toward Rebecca.
  • Stephnie Weir as Weird Karen, Rebecca's co-worker with off-putting personality quirks, including giving away too much information.
  • Ava Acres as Young Rebecca, shown in flashbacks that detail the origins of Rebecca's various neuroses.
  • Johnny Ray Meeks as Kevin, Greg's overly accommodating boss.
  • John Yuan and Matthew Yuan as Ben and David, twin boba stand attendants.
  • Rachel Grate as Audra Levine, Rebecca's longtime rival who has replaced her at her old firm.
  • Hunter Stiebel as Marty, a white grocery clerk with an afro.
  • Benjamin Simeon as Brody, a grocery clerk with half an eyelid.
  • Amy Hill as Lourdes Chan, Josh's mother.
  • Tess Paras and Coryn Mabalot as Jayma and Jastenity Chan, Josh's sisters.
  • Steele Stebbins (2 episodes) as Tommy Proctor, Paula's son.