Emilio Solano
Jane the Virgin character

Emilio Solano





Cause Of Death

Murdered by Rose (Dried into concrete)










Whitney Devore
Elena Di Nola
Mia Evelyn Alver


Luisa Alver
Rafael Solano
(adoption son)
Mateo Solano Villanueva
(adoption grandson)
Anna & Ellie
(adoption granddaughters)
Unnamed Mr. Ruvelle
(father in-law)†
Derek Ruvelle
(brother in-law)†

Portrayed By

Carlo Rota

First Appearance

Chapter Two

Latest Appearance

Chapter Fourteen (1.14)

Last Mentioned

Chapter Thirty (2.08)



Emilio Solano is a recurring character on Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Carlo Rota.


Emilio Solano is the father of Rafael Solano and Luisa Alver and the husband of Sin Rostro, who he knows as Rose. He owns the Marquis Hotel Group, which owns The Marbella and other real estate holdings. Although Rafael is his son, when it comes to business, Emilio favours Lachlan. Emilio's business dealings takes him around the country and he is not always in Miami.

His first wife allegedly suffered a mental breakdown, but is revealed to possibly having faked her own death. Emilio's second wife, Elena Di Nola, left him in 1988 – the day after Rafael's 4th birthday. He since married other women, before meeting Rose around 2009.

Emilio has gone very easy on Luisa, while being incredibly hard on Rafael, repeatedly calling him a failure. He does not seem loving toward either of them, and it is revealed that he was cheating on Rose with a woman, who his assistant referred to as a mistress, indicating this was a longtime affair – which Rose was unaware of.


Rafael Solano

Emilio and Rafael argue over Lachlan.

Rafael is Emilio's son. The two of them have a strained relationship- although Rafael would like to do his job away from the influence of his father, the hotel does mainly belong to him. Rafael is learning that his interests and his father's do not always align. Emilio seems to favor Luisa and Lachlan instead of Rafael.

Luisa Alver

Luisa is Emilio's daughter. The two of them have a loving relationship (maybe due to the fact that Luisa's mother had a mental breakdown) and he seems to baby Luisa. He recognizes her addiction and seems to focus on the little victories whenever she is around. Emilio had Luisa committed, so their relationship might be strained now.

Jane & Mateo

Emilio first meets Jane when she unexpectedly waits on the woman who inseminated her. Following this incident, Emilio does not seem to be bothered with Jane or his grandchild, aside from noting their existence. The court drama is over and he has not tried to make contact or inquired about them at all so.... there's that.



Rose is Emilio's current wife. Rose was a prominent lawyer but gave it all up when she married Emilio. Unbeknownst to Emilio, Rose is Luisa's ex-lover. Rose seems to sit in for him at board meetings when he is unable to attend. Time will only tell what he will do when he finds out Rose lied about the events leading to her getting committed.

Whitney Devore


You are such a disappointment
– Emilio to his son


  • He loves to fish[1]
  • His first wife (Luisa's mother, Mia Evelyn Alver) left Luisa to escape from Emilio's criminal activities and connection to Mutter[2].
  • His second wife (Rafael's mother, Elena di Nola) left him the day after Rafael's 4th birthday[3]
  • He loved Luisa's maternal grandmother, Alegria. He named his house in Croatia after her.[4]
  • Seems neither a very affectionate father nor husband.


Notes and references

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