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Jane the Virgin returned with its season 3 premiere on Monday, and picked up right where season 2 shockingly and surprisingly ended — with Michael being shot on his wedding night by his partner Susanna, who is revealed to the audience and Luisa to be Rose in disguise. Jane and her family have big decisions to make to save Michael, so clothes are really an afterthought, which says a lot about their somber state of mind. A series of flashbacks and flashforwards, however, look at happier times, and the wardrobe worn shows the potential of what Jane and Michael could have as a married couple if he does survive… Jane’s white bathrobe — worn on her wedding night — is only shown briefly, but appears as her world is being shattered. She finally chooses and marries Michael and was set to have an amazing first night as husband and wife, but when Michael left the room and didn’t return, Jane went to look for him. She finds him on the floor with a bloody bullet wound in his chest; she cries out for help and checks to see if he’s breathing as the narrator says, “I should remind you that I did say that Michael would love Jane until his dying breath.” He’s alive and is soon rushed to the hospital, and a very upsetting and grave tone is set. Jane and her family — that includes Xo, Rogelio, Alba, and mother-in-law Patricia (Molly Hagan) — have much bigger things to think about than what to wear when they head to the hospital. There, Alba asks Jane what she’s thinking, to which Jane responds, “I think that this wasn’t supposed to happen. We talked about who would take out the trash and when we’d have another baby, not what I should do if there was a bullet near his spine.” These feelings of everyone’s distress are reflected in their very casual T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and the like, as shown in the main image up top. If things weren’t bad enough, Rogelio agrees to pee in a cup for a couple of guys to help them pass a drug test, in exchange for them not tweeting about him being at the hospital. That ends in Rogelio’s arrest, and Xo telling him that she’s pregnant following her rendezvous with Esteban, but isn’t having the baby. In a flashback, Jane decides to go out with a guy she’s had a crush on for 2 years 17 months, Sam, instead of Michael. It’s the night after she and Michael met and she tells him she’s sick, so he shows up with soup — just in time to see her, all dolled up in a pretty white dress with blue flowers, taking off in the car with Sam. He pulls them over and confronts Jane, and later on, it’s Michael she’s thinking about. So she goes to his work and apologizes, but they still end up arguing and they argue some more back at her place, until Michael suggests another kiss, which is more “magic.” So on the surface, Jane looked the part of someone happy to be heading on a date with the guy she’d been hoping would ask her out, but from that kiss (and from all that we know now), those date outfits are best reserved for Michael. Another shocker from the Jane the Virgin season 2 finale? How about Anezka poisoning Petra and trading places with her? Here, Anezka continues to look the part of her twin sister, wearing a pink button-up with white shorts and the shoes and bag to match, but that might not be enough. A cop investigating Michael’s shooting enlists her help, asking that she look over 10 hours of footage from the Marbella. That proves to be a problem as Anezka needs to inject Petra again to keep her paralyzed and mute in order to move forward with her and Magda’s yet-to-be-revealed plan, so she starts acting strangely and the cops become suspicious. Eventually, she convinces them and Rafael to let her go visit “Anezka” and is able to inject her. Later, she tells Rafael that she wants to bring her sister back to the hotel to care for her… and she tells her mother that she plans to enact revenge on Rafael when he says he just wants to be friends. Jane approaches an unconscious Michael with words of encouragement and future plans as he’s about to go into surgery. “I’m not going to say goodbye because this is not the end of our story,” she says. She talks of the house they’ll get, three kids they’ll have, and trips to the mountains that will become a family tradition, just like Sunday night dinners. Eventually, she says, “We’re going to be that old couple that sit on the front porch reminiscing, arguing over details,” and the two are shown with gray hair, wrinkled faces, and conservative sweaters, discussing what exactly was said when Michael pulled Sam over. Here, through their appearance, we see what exactly Michael has to live for. And live, he does. Michael makes it through the surgery and holds Jane to her “deathbed promise” of getting a cat. More seriously, he tells the police that Susanna shot him, not knowing that she is actually Rose, but Rafael alerts the cops that he thinks that might be the case. The episode ends with Rose and Luisa escaping together. Now, what did you think of the episode, and all its styles? The big cliffhanger was resolved, but as always, there are so many new questions! Will Michael go back to work, and what will married life look like for he and Jane now? Will Petra ever escape her sister’s clutches, and what exactly does “let’s fry the onion rings” mean?

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