J.D. Guzman is a recurring character on Season 2 and Season 3 of the CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Jorge Diaz.


J.D. seems like a chill, friendly guy who doesn't mind performing various tasks for his sometimes eccentric employer, Rogelio. J.D. is also a creative person, writing a script that he's trying to sell while interning for Rogelio[1].

Season 2

When Rogelio wrongfully accosts J.D. over leaking a rumor to the press, J.D. quits as Rogelio's intern, his parting words that he doesn't want to be friends with Rogelio because he doesn't even know anything about him[1]. J.D. hands Rogelio his script and departs the Villanueva house.

After Rogelio reads the script and finds it incredible, he decides to make J.D.'s work his passion project and J.D. is now creator of and a writer on Rogelio's new series entitled Tiago a Través del Tiempo[2].


  • J.D. is around the Villanueva house for tree trimming and meets the whole family, including little Mateo[1].


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