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I get this feeling when I'm around Rafael... like, I'm meant to be with him
Jane to Xo

Jane and Rafael are a romance on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. They are portrayed by Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni.


Jane had a "monster-crush" (Lina's words) on Rafael in 2010[1] and he ended up being the one who gave Jane her first kiss. Rafael also kissed Jane in Chapter 6, when Jane and Michael split up. In Chapter 7, Jane was unsure of starting a relationship with Rafael. Yet, he convinced her to be together as they are seen to be padding the romanticism at Target. She finally reveals to him that she is a virgin, taking him by surprise.

Though initially annoyed by Rafael's reaction, they reconcile. He tells her that he can wait. They are excited to have the baby and start a family together. Jane's relationship with Rafael is disapproved by Jane's mother, Xiomara. She believes that Rafael is just another playboy who is not ready for somebody like Jane. Jane refuses to hear what her mother has to say, and she insists that Rafael has changed and is committed to her.


Rafael was Jane's teenage crush. They met while she was working at a yacht club restaurant and allowed him in after hours. They talked and then Rafael gave Jane her first kiss. When they meet again, in Rafael's hotel (where Jane works), Rafael feels Jane looks familiar; she tries to dismiss it at first, but then he asks if they met at a strip club, which makes Jane mad.

When it's revealed that Jane's pregnant via insemination with Rafael's sample, he tells her that he and Petra want the baby, but Jane seriously considers terminating the pregnancy. However, after she decides to keep the baby and give it to Rafael and Petra after it's born, Jane and Rafael grow closer, making Michael jealous. Rafael has been married to Petra for nearly five years, but wants to divorce her, for he feels they're too different and bring out 'the ugly side' of each other. While at first Rafael tells Jane he sees her as a sister, he grows attracted to her, even having sexual dreams about her.


After ending her engagement to Michael, Jane tells Rafael that they broke up and they share a romantic kiss, with flower petals dancing down over them.[2] Jane worries about starting a relationship with Rafael so soon after her break-up and is also surprised at her own actions. She thinks that maybe they are too different and doesn't want to risk complicating the baby's life if they don't work out, but Rafael deflates all of Jane's worries by saying that she's right, there's no way of knowing, but it's worth the risk to see if they're meant to be.[3] They take the leap and start a relationship, but Jane is quickly faced with the reality that they don't really know each other when she tells Rafael that she's a virgin. They decide to take small steps and get to know each other, to build a solid foundation first.[4][5]

Rafael also has to get over the hurdle that is Xiomara favouring Michael[6], but when Xo sees how invested Rafael is in Jane's well-being and their future with the baby, she realises that he's a good guy.[7] While Michael tries to convince Jane that Rafael is not only a bad guy, but a possible criminal mastermind and it worries her for a second, in the end, she is not having any of it and their relationship continues to grow stronger and more affectionate.[6] When there might be something wrong with the baby, they support each other and Rafael arranges a Villanueva house graduation ceremony for Jane, while she is on bed rest.[8] After realising his father was murdered by Sin Rostro, Rafael pulls away from Jane, a first indication that he closes off when his lonely childhood resurfaces.

Jane make every effort to be there for him and they tell each other 'I love you' for the first time, Jane saying it first.[9] Rafael suggests that they move in together[9] and, feeling that their relationship is going well, when Jane's favourite romance novelist, Angelique Harper, comes to The Marbella, Rafael decides, during one of the author's readings, to propose to Jane.[10] Feeling it's too fast, Jane turns him down which sours their relationship, and Jane tells Rafael to stop acting like it's all her fault.[11] Still reeling from his father's death, the revelation that his step-mother is Sin Rostro, had an affair with Luisa and Rafael's estrangement to his sister, Jane encourages Rafael to reach out to his mother, to ease the pain of his childhood and maybe get some closure.[12] Their good intention backfires when his mother, Elena, tells Rafael why she left her son.

Devastated by his mother's willingness to leave him behind for money, Rafael sinks into a dark, lonely sadness and decides to honour his father's memory by focusing his energy solely on the family business.[13] Rafael breaks up with Jane, telling her maybe they are too different and Jane is heartbroken.[13] At first, she is intent on getting back together with Rafael, especially after finding out about his mother, which he insists is not endemic of the break-up. They try therapy and the counsellor acutely states that Rafael doesn't seem to have room for working on a romance with everything that has happened to him.[14] To definitively drive Jane away so as to not hurt her, Rafael tells Jane that he doesn't love her.[14]


After talking with Luisa, Rafael forgoes the family empire, save for The Marbella, to focus on what he really cares about: family and love. Rafael goes to Jane and tells her that he does love her and that he lied to her so it would be easier for her to move on. Shocked, hurt and angry at being handled, Jane tells Rafael to leave and though Rafael persistently reminds Jane that she is where he wants to be, Jane has eyes only for Mateo[15]. When they get Mateo back, they both try to adjust to life as co-parents who are not in a relationship, as they both had pictured it[16]. Rafael stays a few weeks with the Villanuevas just after Mateo's birth. Jane tries to make a decision between her suitors[17] and chooses to be with Michael, but Michael's aggressive reaction to a witness statement about his letting Nadine go hurts Mateo, and Jane chooses her baby's life and family (Rafael) over her love life[18].

Rafael is mad at Jane for defending Michael's unwarranted physical attack on Rafael, but they slowly make up and spend some time getting to know each other better as friends and co-parents[19]. After 5 months, Rafael asks Jane out, but their date is short-lived when Jane discovers that Rafael turned Michael in and lied to Jane about it[20]. After fighting a great deal about this, they go to counselling to try and find a solution, where Jane suddenly realises that Rafael's fears were founded and she may have a blind spot where Michael is concerned[21]. Rafael is still in love with Jane[22], while Jane tries casual dating for a while, and when he finally tells her how he feels, Jane tells him that her feelings changed and that's why they're not together[23]. Rafael is devastated and starts casual liaisons with different women, even unsuccessfully attempting twice[24] to get back with Petra[23] out of hurt over losing Jane.



  • Rafael was Jane's first kiss when she was eighteen. He never called after the fact.
  • Jane tries to avoid him at work but SURPRISE! He is the new owner
  • She calls him a jerk when he implies she used to work at a strip club
  • Jane continues to avoid him but SURPRISE! He is the father of the baby.

Chapter Two

  • Jane googles Rafael. It goes badly
  • The baby's first sonogram
  • Rafael explains that he was lost
  • Rafael: What do you want to be writing? Jane: Romance

Chapter Three

  • Jane's heart beats fast when she touches Rafael's arm
  • I'd offer you a bite but I'm really enjoying it and if I give you a bite I might resent you in a very serious way.
  • Rafael: "You're a writer- can you help me with this?" Jane: "You're the only one who calls me a writer, do you know that?"
  • "I hope the baby's judge-y" -Rafael
  • Jane and Rafael dance at Zaz's Memorial

Chapter Four

  • Jane has an erotic dream about Rafael while Michael is sleeping over
  • "It's Four Feet, Baywatch!"- Jane
  • "You look like Cousin It!"- Rafael
  • Jane accidentally giving Rafael her sexy story for Michael
  • Rafael has a sex dream about Jane

Chapter Five

  • Rafael and Michael's "conversation in subtitles"
  • Raf divorces Petra
  • The two of them being honest with each other about the baby
  • "Rafael, do you want to be with her?"- Rose

Chapter Six

  • "Of course, I would have noticed you."- Rafael
  • The two of them work together to stop Victoria and Valeria
  • "Like I said, you wouldn't have noticed me."- Jane
  • Rafael kisses Jane at the end while it is "snowing" tree petals

Chapter Seven

  • Rafael sends Jane flowers
  • They have The Most Romantic Night Ever.
  • They talk about Rafael's fear of ducks, her ability to rap and Raf's mother leaving when he was young
  • They kiss in the middle of Target.
  • They fall asleep together and he drives Jane to school the next day.

Chapter Eight

  • "You're Showing!" -Rafael
  • "No more leaving, okay?" - Jane
  • "And I'm gonna fight for you, too."- Rafael
  • Xo sees the sparks between the two of them

Chapter Nine

  • Rafael needs to hold Jane back when Petra interrupts their sonogram and claims their baby is hers.
  • Lesson Learned: We're Better Together. -Rafael
  • Jane grabbing Rafael's tie to kiss him

Chapter Ten


If there were ever two people, who were just destined to be together, it's us
—Rafael's proposal[src]
My feelings changed
—Jane rejecst Rafael[src]
We are better, together


  • Rafael was Jane's first kiss
  • They are doing everything backward: getting pregnant first and then dating
  • Jane wants to take a risk on Rafael before the baby comes



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