"Men have become tools of their tools — Henry David Thoreau"
Professor Chavez in class[1]

Jonathan Chavez is a recurring character on Seasons 2 and Season 4 of Jane the Virgin. He is Jane's grad school professor and is portrayed by Adam Rodriguez.


Chavez comes off as a stern, but well-intentioned teacher when he is first introduced[2]. While Jane is used to being favoured in academic contexts, Chavez imparts a more independent demeanor that is perhaps characteristic for graduate college, and teaches Jane to veer off the path of definitive answers.

He eventually, after receiving a text with Jane's various colourful nicknames for him, agrees to become Jane's advisor[3] and later, by trickery, inspires her to harness her skill set when it comes to writing, inferring that Jane sometimes can be stuck in her own point of view[4].


  • Published a book of short stories entitled 'Tennis Shorts'.
  • He is revealed to be the one responsible for throwing Wesley Masters out of the university for improper conduct.
  • Has only seen his mother laugh twice in his life.


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