Lina & Jane is a friendship on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Diane Guerrero and Gina Rodriguez.


Lina and Jane meet in school and became best friends. They have grown up together and know each other very well, also following similar paths in life, working together at The Marbella and identify in the same societal class[1]. This all changes when Jane is impregnated and starts dating Rafael, providing her with financial security that Lina doesn't have, which momentarily drives a wedge between the friends[2].

They make up[3] and Lina throws Jane's baby shower[4]. Jane forgets to plan Lina's 25th, but they have a heart-to-heart where Jane states she doesn't want to miss out on her friend's life[5]. Lina also helps Jane get into the dating game following Jane and Michael's falling-out[6]. The two best friends get to spend more time together when Jane returns to The Marbella for a few shifts[7].


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