Luciana Leon is a recurring character on Season 2 of Jane the Virgin. She is portrayed by Kate del Castillo.


Luciana was Rogelio's first wife, who cheated on him, very publicly, and broke his heart. She is an actress, in telenovelas, and is famous enough that she is invited to portray Blanca on The Passions of Santos, as the actress who did formerly has suffered a terrible accident and is unable to return. Rogelio is very unhappy with this, but egged on by Xiomara to face his past, he reluctantly starts working with her.


Luciana is seen to be very unapologetic in her behavior towards Rogelio, almost relishing that she makes him uncomfortable. When Rogelio wants to fire her from the show, she tells him she'll blackmail him with his audits from his brief time as a member of Scientology.


  • Luciana's signature color is violet.[1]


Notes and references

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