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Petra and Rafael is a relationship on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. They are portrayed by Yael Grobglas and Justin Baldoni.


Petra and Rafael had ill beginnings. They met at a business dinner, which Petra attended with her new fiancé, Lachlan[1]. Rafael originally set his sights on Petra to humiliate Lachlan and they ended up getting married – fairly quickly[2]. Halfway through his cancer treatment Rafael realised what kind of life he was living and wanted to divorce Petra[3][4]. His decision is cemented when he discovers that Petra cheated on him. Petra wanted him back until Rafael, following Petra's self-insemination with his last illegally obtained sample, tells her that there is no way it's going to happen, even if he is not involved with Jane[5].

Petra is then finally able to move on – aside from the fact that she is carrying what she believes to be Rafael's twin daughters. Yet she and Rafael miraculously get closer and bond over the pregnancy, culminating in Rafael kissing Petra, but Petra stops it saying she's not a second choice. They are now co-parents of twins Anna and Elsa, but after being paralysed and Rafael sleeping with Anezka, Petra returns to her scheming ways and threatens Rafael, saying she is done being nice.



After being in the US for a year, following Milos' attack on Magda, Petra meets Rafael just after getting engaged to Lachlan. While Rafael sets his sights on Petra after being passed over for a promotion by his father in favour of Lachlan, it is actually Petra who plots to land 'the bigger fish' Rafael Solano, as part of her plan with her mother to get rich and stay in the US. The snag in their plan hits when Petra finds herself falling in love with Rafael.


Petra and Rafael marry and Petra soon finds herself pregnant with a boy, but sadly loses the baby.[6] After this personal tragedy, another one follows when Rafael is diagnosed with cancer.


Halfway through his treatment, after a heart-to-heart with Luisa, Rafael vows to change the course of his life and stop living in fear of failure, which includes his marriage to Petra.[4] For the remainder of his treatment Rafael stays with Petra, partially out of guilt over their relationship, but Luisa reminds him that he doesn't owe anyone anything and encourages him to follow his heart.[3]


Rafael chooses to follow his sister's advice, but has a hard time with it. He ultimately decides to give Petra another chance upon Jane's accidental pregnancy, but tells Petra it's over once discovering that she was having an affair with Roman Zazo.[1] Petra tries any means possible to get Rafael back, primarily motivated by the money she will receive from the pre-nup after 5 years of marriage, but also because she still does love Rafael, in spite of also having developed feelings for Roman. She even resorts to blackmailing and teaming up with Lachlan, but cedes when Rafael and Jane retort by discovering her true identity.[7]



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