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Of course I'm here. We're family, and nothing is more important
Rogelio to Xo
Rogelio De La Vega
Jane the Virgin

1974 (age 44)




Elodea Gale Vigor
El Presidente
Juan Rodrigo Castillo


Miami, Florida


Actor & EP
Tiago a Través del Tiempo
Los Hombres Locos
Pasión Intergalactica
The Passions of Santos




Black w/grey streaks



Marital Status

In a fake relationship with Darci Factor


Darci Factor
(fake married)
Dina Milagro
Xiomara Villanueva
(ex-fiancé/ still have feelings for)
Luciana Leon


Jane Villanueva (daughter)
Mateo Solano Villanueva
Michael Cordero † (son-in-law)
Liliana De La Vega
Manuel De La Vega


Britney Spears
Paulina Rubio
Bruno Mars

Portrayed By

Jaime Camil

First Appearance


Latest Appearance

(*Series Finale*)

Rogelio De La Vega is a main character on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin. He is portrayed by Jaime Camil.


Rogelio is a kind, generous , passionate and dramatic man, but also benevolently narcissistic. He became a telenovela star in 2013, playing the lead in The Passions of Santos. After Xiomara told him that he has a daughter, he met Jane and slowly became a part of the Villanueva family.

While Rogelio sometimes finds it difficult to find his place with the tight knit Villanuevas, he has changed their dynamic for the better, inspiring Xo to move forward with her life and dreams[1][2] and supporting his daughter's dreams of becoming a writer[3][4].

Season 1

Rogelio is first introduced through his character Santos, whom he portrayed for 2 years.[5][6] After Xiomara sent him a letter in 2013, telling him about his daughter, Jane, Rogelio decided to relocate his show to Miami to get to know Jane.[7] After Xiomara's hesitance to introduce them, Rogelio is unable to wait any longer and goes to introduce himself to Jane at her bridal gown fitting.[8]

Amidst the chaos following their first meeting, Rogelio tries to make his and Jane's time together both memorable and impressive[9], though he later realises that he cannot encapsulate all of their lost time in a few meets and Rogelio tries to accept that he and Jane will get to know each other at a natural pace, whilst still feeling the pain of losing all of those years with her.[10]

Rogelio also starts a relationship with Xiomara Villanueva, at first almost taking the form of a rekindling of their teen relationship, filled with insecurities and hesitance to be direct and honest about their feelings[11][8][12][13]. After being tricked by his assistant Nicholas on The Passions of Santos, Rogelio is fired and decides to stay in Miami and work on his rival Esteban Santiago's sci-fi telenovela, Pasión Intergalactica, as Detective Juan Rodrigo Castillo, to invest himself in his relationship with Xiomara[12].

After agreeing to move in with Xiomara, Rogelio finds difficulty in opening his heart to her, wanting Xo and his mother to rectify their relationship[14], the result of which is Liliana blasting any future for the couple and Xiomara kissing her ex in dispair. When Xiomara breaks the news to Rogelio, he promptly breaks up with Xo and although he feels betrayed, Rogelio maintains a friendship with Xiomara.

Rogelio gets re-hired as Santos

Following a ratings drop, The Passions of Santos re-hired Rogelio. Rogelio still loves Xo, but is afraid to be mistaken in trusting her, as he did his first wife, who had an affair. The season ends with the two on friendly terms, suddenly discovering they got drunk married in Las Vegas.

Season 2

After leaving Rogelio's Vegas residency to attend the birth of 'Matelio', he is livid that Xo forces him to perform on a cruise ship to avoid lawsuit[15]. The isolated circumstances force the now technically married couple to face their relationship and what they really want. Xiomara calls out Rogelio's fear of opening his heart and, though scared, Rogelio agrees to face the wound from his first wife, Luciana Leon.

Rogelio is promoted to Executive Producer on The Passions of Santos as well, which means he is faced with hiring Luciana as a ratings boost is needed[16]. While terrified of facing his heartbreak, Xo stands by him and together they form a team that finally puts Rogelio's fear of getting hurt to rest – though not without revealing that he was briefly a member of Scientology. After Michael Cordero and Jane stop speaking, Rogelio confesses to Xo that he used to confide in Michael feelings of anger towards her, for keeping he and Jane apart for several years. Jane and Rogelio talk about both experiencing this feeling, but cementing how happy they are to have one another now and how much they care about each other[10].

Following the conclusion of Santos, Rogelio wished to create a telenovela version of Mad Men, which was unfortunately rejected. He has recently found and is starring on his passion project – his new intern J.D.'s Tiago a Través del Tiempo[17]. Rogelio finds out that his father is gay and that his mother has known for 40 years, and that his parents have had an 'arrangement' in their marriage. Rogelio is happy for his father, but shocked that his parents have kept this secret from him all these years. However, the De La Vegas manage to find a way to start repairing the damage and move on as a family. Liliana encourages Rogelio to propose to Xiomara and he does, but Xiomara ultimately turns down the proposal, as she does not want more children – and Rogelio does.



Main article: Rogelio and Jane

Rogelio De La Vega is Jane's father. But Jane never knew that. She was born to a young mother and father and she never met her father. Jane only knew Rogelio from a passionate telenovela The Passions of Santos. Jane loves Rogelio as an actor and she's his fan. When they met she was impressed and she couldn't believe she saw him. But then she found out he is her father and she couldn't believe it. They got to a diner to celebrate and can catch up what they missed.


Rogelio's mother is somewhat overbearing with him[18], while also being high maintenance, demanding and controlling at time with regard to the choices Rogelio makes in his career. Rogelio loves his mother, but eventually puts his foot down when she insults his relationship with Xiomara[14]. They start to build a more balanced relationship when Rogelio's parents are divorcing and Liliana fears being alone.


While beforehand Manuel is scarcely mentioned on the show, prior to his introduction he and Rogelio seem to have a good relationship. When he arrives at the Villanueva house and meets his granddaughter, Jane, for the first time, it is the beginning of a new era for father and son as Manuel reveals the kind of marriage he and Liliana had for more than 40 years[18] and why Manuel was never able to show up for Rogelio's early work and actively support his career[17].



Main article: Rogelio and Xiomara

Rogelio and Xiomara met in biology class in high school. They dated for a while, before Xiomara got pregnant and told Rogelio, who wanted her to get an abortion. At the time Xo was 16, Ro 17. After reconnecting as adults as Rogelio was told he has a daughter, they rekindled a romance and have tried to update their teen romance to a steady, committed adult relationship. Xiomara and Rogelio got 'drunk married' in Vegas in the Season 1 finale, and decided to start dating, taking one step at the time and not forge headfirst into a fully fledged marriage (they have not divorced, however). Rogelio recently divulged to Xiomara that he is still incredibly angry with her for keeping Jane from him. However, their relationship has reached a point where it is capable to work through big issues and weather storms in companionship. When Liliana and Xo find common ground and affection for one another, Liliana encourages Rogelio to propose to Xiomara.



When I was 17 I was an idiot. Kicked out of school, smoking weed. She wanted to protect you
—Rogelio defending Xo to Jane[src]
A hug from Rogelio is like a rabbit's foot: lucky, rare and soft to the touch
—Rogelio to Xo[src]
Turns out I am equally talented in outer space as I am here, on earth
—Ro to Xo



Rogelio and Xo are dating in high school. When Xo finds out she's pregnant, she tells Rogelio, who asks her to get an abortion. Unbeknownst to Rogelio, Xiomara doesn't, but decides that she does not want Rogelio in her daughter's life.


Rogelio is married to Luciana and he is having Scientology audits done.[19]


Rogelio is a struggling actor, trying to make it in telenovelas.


Rogelio receives a letter from Xiomara, telling him that he has a daughter – Jane.


The Passions of Santos

Rogelio De La Vega's first claim to fame catapulted him to international stardom and Paloma recognition for his work as El Presidente Santos. The show depicts the struggles of El Presidente (which are not always made clear) and his relationship, engagement and, in the finale, marriage to Blanca (later portrayed by his first wife, Luciana Leon).

Pasión Intergalactica

Briefly Rogelio starred as Juan Rodrigo Castillo, a sidekick to the lead character portrayed by his fiercest rival (both professionally and privately as, is indicated, Esteban was man with whom Luciana had the very public affair which broke Rogelio's heart), Esteban Santiago. Rogelio portrays a space captain whose commander often is very disappointed in him and Rogelio's final performance (after he is asked back on Santos) is as a disembodied head floating in outer space.

Tiago a Través del Tiempo

Rogelio currently stars as Tiago, as time-traveler who finds himself transported to different historic events and participating in helping eg. protesters at Stonewall in 1969, or the Suffragette movement in early 1900s England. He also has a love interest he leaves behind, but returns to once in a while to make love to.







Tiago a Través del Tiempo


Title role

2015 Fernando e Isobel Court Jester Performed a bit so Xo's song would still be used on the show
2015 Pasión Intergalactica Det. Castillo Sidekick to Esteban Santiago
2013-2015; 2015 The Passions of Santos Santos Title role


Rogelio De La Vega/Gallery


  • Rogelio's signature colour is lavender
  • Rogelio does not pop in peach.[12]
  • But he looks quite good in coral.[17]
  • Rogelio's done an editorial spread in Out Magazine with NPH.

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