Tiago a Través del Tiempo is a telenovela that Rogelio stars on, written by his former intern J.D. Guzman.


Tiago discovers a time portal and travels to different monumental occasions in history, without exactly knowing which ones, but when told, apparently knows of future events although from the past? Also starring is his love, portrayed by famed actress Adriana Chavando.

Place & Time

So far the series has shot footage visiting:

LGBT Stonewall riots 1969 – US
Suffragette rebellion 1900s – UK


  • Adriana Chavando, Rogelio's female co-star, has been nominated for 14 Palomas.
  • Chavando is known as the 'Susan Lucci of Mexico'.
  • The series just premiered[1].


Notes and references

  1. Chapter Thirty-Five

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