Xiomara and Jane is a mother-daughter relationship on CW dramedy Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Gina Rodriguez and Andrea Navedo.


Xiomara and Jane is a relationship between Jane Villanueva and Xiomara Villanueva. Xiomara is Jane's mother. She gave birth to her at very young age, 16. When Xiomara was pregnant, she was not so responsible. But still when her mother Alba forced her to do an abortion she didn't want to do it so she felt she'll love her daughter and she does. So as Jane loves her. They get along pretty well since there's not much age difference. But they still get into little unnecessary fights. Jane does not want to get pregnant to soon because she does not want to be like her mother when she was younger and she was irresponsible.


  • In the vein of the Gilmore Girls tradition, Jane and Xiomara, on many occasions, work more like sisters than mother and daughter.


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